SCIPE Srl present on the market since 1948 , it specializes in the wholesale distribution of base chemical products.

Deliveries are made at the place of storage of the client using only qualified carriers and / or certificates.

The quantities may vary from a minimum of 5 tonnes up to 28 tonnes.

In order to verify the real possibility to meet your specific needs , you can contact our Sales Manager

to the telephone number 055 4223400 / 055 4223309, fax 055 4223401 or send a detailed email to the address:




Scipe Srl, active in the market since 1948, specialises in the wholesale distribution of basic chemicals in various product sectors including steel, pharmaceuticals, paper, water treatment and purification.
The experience acquired throughout the years has made it possible to set up a flexible organisation, suited to the market’s and society’s evolution; this has allowed Scipe Srl to achieve the reliability essential to guarantee the highest level of clients’ satisfaction.
We normally deal with the following products: Acetic Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Formic Acid, Nitric Acid, Ferric Chloride, Aluminium Polychloride, Caustic Soda solution, Sodium Chlorite, Sodium Hypochlorite, Aluminium Sulphate, Citric Acid, however, we are ready to meet different needs that might arise.
In order to achieve prompt deliveries, we utilise exclusively qualified carriers that are extremely professional in their work, comply with the regulations in effect and utilise modern and effective equipment.
A dynamic and efficient organisation allows Scipe to offer quality service at highly competitive prices.


Mission Statment

Scipe’s philosophy rests on constantly seeking individual solutions for each client.
Since 1999, Scipe Srl is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard in order to guarantee quality products and services.
The company’s management, highly sensitive to environmental issues as well as workplace health and safety policies, constantly fosters the pursuits of these policies.



Deliveries are made in quantities ranging from 5 T. to 28 T. with the cooperation of qualified carriers utilising motorised tank wagons ( lorries, semitrailers, or tractors )to transport liquid chemical products in compliance with the ADR agreement.
However, the delivery of smaller quantities is possible in order to satisfy specific and different clients’ requirements.

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Quality policy

Quality certificates in PDF format



Evaluation of customer satisfaction

SCIPE Srl, in its ongoing quest to satisfy the Client’s needs, sets itself objectives that can be met through the constant refining of its activities at all company levels and through the conscious participation of the entire organisation.
To this end, the company’s commitment is focused on:

  1. establishing an enduring and profitable cooperative relationship with all clients in order to provide products and services that satisfy their expectations at mutually sustainable costs, while complying the legal requirements in effect;
  2. carrying out all phases of the company’s activities at a quality level never lower than that reached earlier;
  3. continuously involving its employees in the improvement process, providing means and resources to enable everyone to carry out their tasks and to understand the meaning of “Quality Policy”;
  4. implementing organisation and training initiatives to give everyone the opportunity to realise all their potential;
  5. communicating and supporting a shared vision of the company’s objectives to facilitate interdepartmental and interpersonal relations and to make everyone aware that each individual contribution promotes the company’s growth and ensures the individual’s wellbeing;
  6. implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving, updating it when necessary, a Quality System conforming to the regulations in effect, in order to ensure that the requirements agreed upon with the clients are always met.

Quality indicators that are periodically reviewed by management are utilised in order to better assess both the internal improvement and the satisfaction of the Client. These indicators form the base to set quantifiable and verifiable quality objectives.
The Company invites all collaborators to a personal and active participation to achieve the objectives of continuous improvement and Client satisfaction set by the Management.


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